Welcome to Ecoearn!

Ecoearn is an interactive programme for all employees at Dorset County Hospital, Dorset HealthCare, NHS Dorset, University Hospitals Dorset and South West Ambulance Service. You'll be able to take part in over 20 activities and we will reward you for the behaviours that improve your individual and Trust-wide sustainability and wellbeing. You'll compete as part of a team (department) to earn Green Points for your actions and you'll also be able to compare progress between Trusts. There are a whole range of actions that you can earn points for under different themes, including:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Energy and Carbon
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Travel
  • Get Involved

Each activity has a full description of what you'll need to do to earn Green Points - some will require a submission that you can make through the website or app, whilst others will invite you to report your actions on a weekly basis.

1. Get the app

As well as the interactive web platform, there's also a free app for iOS and Android! You can download the free Ecoearn app for iOS and Android to help you earn rewards on the go.

Download on iOS
Download on Android

2. Take part in activities

You can take part in a whole range of activities to earn Green Points for yourself and your team. We've grouped these activities into themes, all of which you can get involved in at any time.

Click here to check out each of the activities - for some you'll need to submit some information or a photo whilst for others you'll be sent a weekly reminder to let us know what you've done.

Be inspired and motivate others via the Live Activity Feed. ‘Like’ other members' posts to reward them with 25 Green Points, motivating them to keep up the great work! Not all activities will appear in the Activity Feed. If you don’t want your actions on the Activity Feed then you can opt out via My Account.

3. Check the leader board

The leader board on the homepage shows how you're performing compared to your colleagues and how your team is doing compared to others at your Trust.

3. Win prizes

There are loads of prizes available for taking part in Ecoearn. You’ll get the chance to win:

One of 5 x £20 vouchers for the top Green Points earners every month. Or one of 6 x £10 vouchers raffled at random to anyone who's taken part in an activity that month.

If you’re a voucher winner you’ll get to choose from a cinema voucher, a national garden gift voucher or one of your Trust's chosen vouchers. Click here to view your voucher options.

4. Encourage your colleagues to get involved

You can encourage your colleagues to get involved (and earn Green Points for yourself) using our refer a colleague tool - all you need is your colleague's email address to send them an invite.

Please note: only people inside your organisation can get involved.

5. Any Questions?

Click here to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Should you not find an answer to your questions then please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page.